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CMS added imageTuesday 3rd of July saw the sophomore appearance of Musicland at Events Uncovered, a trade show centred around the event and entertainment industries. It's a perfectly balanced mix of fun, teamwork and meeting new and interesting people for an office outing. This year was certainly no exception.

After the great response to The Mash Machine and our paint by numbers canvas last year, creating something as immersive and entertaining has been something we have been plugging away at. Creating new experiences though is what we all signed up for, and the 2018 iteration saw us host a take-home terrarium workshop to engage audiences with a tactile, face to face and fun experience.

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The terrariums proved to be a real swag bag stuffer, with smiling faces crowded around the table, happy to make and take their very own creations as we showcased Musicland's new team building workshops. Most workshops are tailored to suit most occasions and scalable.

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Events Uncovered 2018 also saw the launch of our Audio Posters. These interactive, portable sound boards can be used to trigger any kind of audio or video; voice commands on an interactive map, or sound loops that sync up to make and remix a song on the fly. The microphone allowed us to sample and loop patron's voices in real time and assign it to a button on the board that became integrated into the song being played.

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DJs Naj and Krystie Steve provided the day's soundtrack throughout the entire venue and once the sun went down, it was out to the Argyle Courtyard for a live performance courtesy of the supremely talented Oyobi which kept the tailfeathers of our new roving entertainers, the Disco Vixens moving. These all shimmering, all dancing disco balls hot shoe shuffled their way into their fair share of IG feeds with plenty of pics and a bunch of boomys.

We really enjoy our day at Events Uncovered. It's great to see contacts, clients and friends, new and old, come together and is an opportunity for the team to step out from behind our phones and laptops to share what we have been cooking up live and loud.

Can't wait to see you all again in 2019!

Friday, April 10th, 2015 at 2:06 pm
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