Be immersed in this artistic degustation of artist and DJ, providing interactive entertainment at fine dining and corporate events. Evolving over the course of the event, this interactive collaboration culminates in an inspired and tangible piece.

Guests can choose to get up close and watch it happen or be voyeurs from a distance as they enjoy their meal. The interplay can be main stage entertainment or it could be unobtrusive, forming part of the overall ambiance of the event. Bringing fine art from the gallery into an event space and seamlessly weaving with music completes the experience.

Recent Performance


ANZ Lunar New Year


Interactive sensory art piece

For the ANZ Lunar New Year events, Shannon utilised several techniques to create her piece. The top layer was painted on initially. The canvas consisted of several layers that were then peeled back to reveal the final artwork. While this was happening, Mr Chad took inspiration from what he saw and felt and selected music to match. Guests had the opportunity to engage with the artists or simply watch it evolve.

Shannon and Chad are able to communicate and inspire each other without using words. Their personalities and their love of art and music will enhance the sensory experience at your event.

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