Tannah Kirsten is a young, fun and dynamic Sydney based performer/musician. She has been performing as a solo/duo artist all around Australia, Greece, and Thailand since 2013. Tannah plays the Guitar, percussion and sings, and is able to set the mood for any event you may need her for as well as creating a unique and intimate sound for your special day/night. She studied at the Australian Institute of Music and completed her Bachelor of Music majoring in Performance Studies in 2016.

Tannah Kirsten has been performing as a solo artist since 2013. She has a vast repertoire that includes the classics as well as her own versions of the current pop songs. If you want the sweet blend of male and female vocals for your special occasion, plus the addition of percussion, then a duo could be what you're looking for. The Tannah Kirsten Trio can perform anything from ballads and jazz to upbeat dance sets. The double bass/guitar and percussion give a fuller sound, with their repertoire made to suit any event. Tannah also provides a band option should you require a bigger sound.

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