Growing up in the heart of the Whitsundays in North Queensland, Nina was immersed in her parent's love of 70's and 80's rock (Pink Floyd, AC/DC), acoustic guitar covers her father would perform and an endless supply of gold that Rage churned out. All of this became infused with her love for both hip-hop, trap and indie pop.

Passionate about moving people with tunes that take you on a rhythmic journey, and beats that bring the dance floor to life, Nina Sinclair lives and breathes music, translating this into a career as a commercial, corporate, event and club DJ. Her vibrant and colourful personality is reflected in her performance energy, song choice and mixing ability. Nina works with a broad spectrum of musical influences and has a finely-tuned ability to play to the crowds, adapt with different demographics and environments, ensuring an aptly set mood or pulsing dance floor.

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