Producer/DJ Karmel Jäger is best known for her dark and hectic ravey sets. Initially a London-based professional classical singer, she toured the UK and Europe before returning to Sydney and her first love, techno.

With an extensive musical background, Karmel played everything from house to hip-hop before settling into her current home of techno, breaks and all things rave. She's played for numerous Sydney-based collectives including WeLove, Kode, Undisclosed, Lucky Presents, AllFriends, Zoo, Sunday Service, Cosmic Boogie, Medusa Valley, Extra Spicy, Heaps Gay, Poofdoof, Birdcage, and Garden Party, supporting Stanton Warriors and Krafty Kutz.

In 2021 Karmel released her debut EP "Your Love" on the Berlin label Tooflez Muzik. 2022 saw Karmel up her release game with her second EP "FTS" on Sydney based label Extra Spicy, alongside "The Aliens Have Landed" also via Extra Spicy, "Dream Catching" for B&H Records, and her third EP "The Moon Becomes The Sun" via Choki Biki Records. That year she also started gaining support from local radio station FBI, as well as overseas on Rinse FM, Balamii, Aaja and WNCL.

So far 2023 has seen Karmel release a remix EP from her latest, with contributions from Sharpson, Hedchef and Borai, and she has releases on the way with Patchworks, Lost Palms, Pollination, and B&H Records (Sydney). Her most recent gigs have been at The Abercrombie for Undisclosed supporting Tred and Kato, for Extra Spicy supporting Millú and Pjenné, as well as for Pandora, Love Street, Newy Bass Crew and The Roundhouse.

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