ISY ISY combines the bold, delicate, and the radiant. Her music is a vivacious explosion of sultry bass, effortless groove, and unapologetic self-love. 27-year-old Isabella Piper was raised at sea on sailing yachts until her teenage years.

After a few years of making glitchy bass heavy electro beats in her home studio, Piper has been refining her skills in audio production and has turned her focus to her vocals and storytelling. Her debut EP "Levels" is the culmination of years of creative development, and an unashamedly eccentric take on electronic pop.

Never confined to creative barriers, in whatever manner expresses it best - be it softly-spoken over floating synths, or a tell it like it is call- out. The constants throughout it all? Electrifying bass, lush vocals, and a strength that shines through every word. It's contagious.

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