Bus Mix 220314

Bus Mix 220314Here's the second mix of fresh tunes composed on the 438 from Five Dock to Glebe. This week sees a selection of deep and soulful tracks, many of which are brand new releases.

Nico Jaar teams up with Sasha Spielberg (daughter of the famous film director) for a minimal beat driven love song. Elsewhere you'll find RnB/dance/pop/hip hop star Kelis driven to greater depths by Mount Kimbie on Ninja Tune, a couple of classics from both Saint Etienne and Arthur Russell given a 2014 rerun and something brand new from Detroit Swindle (a name to look out for). Finally, keep an ear peeled for an appearance by everybody's favourite celebrity twerp, J**** B*****. given a slight twist by vapourwave artist, Saint Pepsi.

Play this mix on your next journey, be it to work or on the weekend - We hope it sees you happy and safe!

Lyndon Pike

  1. detroit swindle - you, me, here, now
  2. weedy - superman lover
  3. just friends - don't tell me
  4. arthur russell - this is how we walk on the moon (labyrinth ear rework)
  5. saint etienne - only love can break your heart (richard x remix)
  6. kelis - jerk ribs (mount kimbie rework)
  7. cotton claw - switches (kelpe remix)
  8. ugly drums and chesney - father
  9. ifan daffyd & catching flies - don't know how
  10. sir stephen - holy water (feat. the golden commanche)
  11. four tet - lions (jamie xx remix)
  12. sir stephen - sanctuary (deep house mix)
  13. saint pepsi - bieber

Friday, April 10th, 2015 at 2:06 pm
dj, dance, hip hop, mix, ipad, tractor, deep, soulful, r n b, vapourware

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Bus Mix 050314

Bus Mix 050314Welcome to the very first Musicland Bus Mix, a musical selection mixed entirely in transit between my stop on Parramatta Rd near Five Dock and the illustrious Musicland headquarters here in Glebe.

The music you will hear is a unique combination of some of the office faves that help us get through the working day, some brand new music gleaned from the internet and some dusty gems from the recent past that deserve to be heard again. The mixes are all done on an iPad mini using Tractor.

Lyndon Pike

  1. ​bondax - all i want
  2. typesun - last home
  3. kings of convenience - i don't know what I can save you from (royskopp remix)
  4. miguel - simple things
  5. pharrell - happy (robots with rayguns remix)
  6. archie pelago - lakeside obelisk
  7. richard rossa - get it out
  8. tycho - dye
  9. smiff n wessun - wreckognize
  10. the pharcyde - running' (phillppians remix)
  11. alpha - with
  12. small pyramids - look no further

Friday, April 10th, 2015 at 2:06 pm
soul, dj, funk, mix, ipad, tractor, electronica

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Beaten Bodies aka Thelonius Crunk

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In our day to day we are lucky enough to come across more talented types than beards at a Fantastic Fixie Fixation concert (you probably wouldn't have heard of them yet). One such talented types who have recently ear wormed their way in are Sydney soul outfit Beaten Bodies aka Thelonius Crunk.

Soul with an indie slant, Beaten Bodies embrace an ethos of delivering an experience to move the soul as well as the body, and opt for warmth and subtlety over a digital sonic assault. With their singles Crowns and Shoot My Bird, your soul will be moved as much as your body, but in more of a head nodding appreciation kind of way, rather than a dubstep meltdown kind of way.

Crisp, catchy horns and hypnotic bass excursions lay a platform for Beaten Bodies leading lady, Marli Wilde's effortless vocal musings to hijack your impulse control and direct the corners of your laughing gear north. Varying degrees of jazz, hip-hop and electronic are brought together not for re-invention, but rather a faithful and clever re-creation of a comforting sound for anyone familiar with Erykah Badu, Maxwell or J Dilla. Neo-soul for life yo.

An easy out is to slap the Hiatus Kiyote tag on them being locals and all, but these cats deserve to be judged as their own collective, although last time I checked, pretty sure reminding people of a Grammy nominated artists who are blowing up at the minute was not exactly death riding. in fact the only type of riding happening will be taking place in the band wagon.

Check em out.

Friday, April 10th, 2015 at 2:06 pm
soul, indie, jazz, electronic

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