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guide or playlist?

Without getting into who made number one? Was it 'surprising'? Why is [Insert media outlet's name] calling the list 'alternative'? Did someone just call The Rubens Rock'n'Roll? That was the percentage represented by females/Hottest 100 virgins/animal names(?)?

CMS added imageWe are asking: Is the Hottest 100 the dummies guide to Australian Music?

With the month of January comes the increase in people asking where are the best spots to take in the Hottest 100. I don't know about the rest of you but I don't usually plan my day around places to listen to Chet Faker whine about how cheap talking is. It seems though, that the majority of Australia's youth do confine their day - and their Spotify playlist - to a strict list of artists and tracks (fingers crossed there's at least one album in it's entirety) pushed by the station without really enjoying the exploration of music. Is this the reason for the increase in people who attend shows for 'that one song' whilst catching up on why Jimmy isn't ready to commit during the rest of the set?

Or does it offer a platform for people to further their music knowledge?

Am I just whining and does it actually supply a list with which to seek out amazing artists who most people otherwise wouldn't have heard, are people using this as a starting point? Australian music is put at the forefront, which can never be a bad thing, and though it sways more to one side there is an example of most genres on show.

Sadly, the Hottest 100 list is very much a reflection of the j's most played tracks, let's just try to not make it a one-stop shop.

For this writer's opinion on the top 10, please refer to Steve Kilbey's 'curmudgeonly' thoughts…

Friday, April 10th, 2015 at 2:06 pm
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