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Hip Hop Choir: Musicland Case Study

Hip Hop Choir

How can we help?

Curate a Christmas experience with a twist to promote Central Park as a destination and the centre's live entertainment program.

What did we do?

Musicland curated a Hip Hop choir to perform in-centre during the Christmas period as well as feature in a media tour to spread some Christmas cheer.

Tasked with warming up crowds for the arrival of Christmas's biggest headliner, much loved festive favourites were infused with some soulful, hip-hop and harmony rich swagger by the Hip Hop choir, ensuring Central Park was overflowing with feel good for the Christmas period.

Featuring former X-Factor personalities Mike Champion and Young Men Society (YMS); Nate, Tamati, Josh Fonmoa, Andy Tiomuara and John "Yoji" Benjamin, Christmas has rarely sounded smoother.

With boyish good looks, a poetic mind and a voice to dim the lights, crooner Mike Champion is a born performer with a well-earned reputation as a charismatic crowd pleaser. This singer, songwriter's presence electrifies a room. Coupled with his magnetic charm and sweet sounding, silky vocal, this Champion wins you over every time.

Since breaking out on X-Factor YMS have gone on to support the likes of Reese Mastin and Justice Crew. Since releasing their debut single in 2012, this all singing, all dancing trio continue to deliver their sweet soul, finger snapping grooves and infectious electronic sounds.

In addition to performing in-centre, the Hip Hop Choir also featured on a media tour where they caroled their way through the offices of Cleo and Dolly magazines amongst others, leaving a trail of Christmas spirit in their wake.

Wrap it up

Hip Hop Choir

With the aim of promoting both Central Park a shopping and dining destination, as well as the centre's live entertainment program, the Hip Hop choir re-working of familiar Christmas songs with a fun and urban twist added value to the centre experience as well as reinforced Central Park's position within the market place.

With its inner-city location and youth orientated offering, the concept reflected a youthful and contemporary direction in keeping with the centre's positioning, while providing a fresh and bespoke take on a Christmas promotion that engaged its target demographic.

Friday, April 10th, 2015 at 2:06 pm
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