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Bus Mix 050314

Bus Mix 050314Welcome to the very first Musicland Bus Mix, a musical selection mixed entirely in transit between my stop on Parramatta Rd near Five Dock and the illustrious Musicland headquarters here in Glebe.

The music you will hear is a unique combination of some of the office faves that help us get through the working day, some brand new music gleaned from the internet and some dusty gems from the recent past that deserve to be heard again. The mixes are all done on an iPad mini using Tractor.

Lyndon Pike

  1. ​bondax - all i want
  2. typesun - last home
  3. kings of convenience - i don't know what I can save you from (royskopp remix)
  4. miguel - simple things
  5. pharrell - happy (robots with rayguns remix)
  6. archie pelago - lakeside obelisk
  7. richard rossa - get it out
  8. tycho - dye
  9. smiff n wessun - wreckognize
  10. the pharcyde - running' (phillppians remix)
  11. alpha - with
  12. small pyramids - look no further

Friday, April 10th, 2015 at 2:06 pm
soul, dj, funk, mix, ipad, tractor, electronica

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